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'A' for Alison Again!

Alison Chenoweth - Co-Owner and Breeding Consultant continues to impress with yet another 'A' in her Adv Dip in Applied Animal Behavior (Canine) Level 5 at the renowned Compass Education & Training College. The course is not open to all because of the technical nature of the material and potential students have to demonstrate their ability to study at this level (HND/Foundation Degree) before being accepted on the course. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the academic requirements for membership of the TCBTS.

There are 12 units in total including:

  1. Learning Theory

  2. The Genetics and Evolution of Canine Behavior

  3. Biochemistry of the Brain

  4. Pharmacology

  5. The Internal Environment

  6. The External Environment

  7. Intelligence and Theory of Mind

  8. Behavioral Diagnostics

  9. Professional Conduct

  10. Application of Theory

  11. The Law

  12. Case Studies

Currently on Unit 10 Alison is close to finishing this course and has achieved straight 'A's' in all her module assignments thus far. Last year she was struck-down with severe cataracts, due to trauma in the past. Because of Covid-19 her operations were delayed significantly and she eventually lost vision in both her eyes by November 2020. However we are delighted to report that both eye operations were a complete success and she now has 20/20 vision in both eyes again!

We feel that this makes her accomplishments even more significant...Well done!

*Alison is a student member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (I.S.A.P).