Harford Logan best selling-author of 'Over the Hills and Far Away'. 


The German Shepherd dog was originally bred as a herding/working dog in Germany at the turn of the last century. The herding dog characteristics could not be better emulated than in the Border Collie. 


Harford Logan is one of Ireland's most renowned and revered Sheepdog Trial Competitors. He has won during his 50 years of competition numerous International and National titles and accolades.  He is also considered one of the world's top judges. In addition Harford was a personal friend of Karin's late-father and mother. In fact, he was was best-man at their wedding!. Karin still keeps in touch with his daughter Joanne Hardy, who runs the famous international family business from Northern Ireland to this day! 


Harford has held the Irish National Championship title six times as well as winning the Scottish National Championship title while farming near Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. He has appeared multiple times in the past on the super popular BBC Series 'One Man and His Dog.' In 2010 he became one of only a handful of UK recipients of the WILKINSON SWORD TROPHY


He is also the designer and founder of the Logan Whistle. This patented, unique whistle is considered by some of the World's best competitors, K9 handlers and farmers alike as the essential tool for sheep-trialing and herding. In addition it is now being utilized by other dog handlers, who have discovered they are equally effective for other working dog breeds too i.e. gun dog training, retrieving etc.



Harford Logan taking obedience to a whole new level!

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