At Crannog Working K9 LLC we offer great Puppy Training Classes to help your K9 companion get off to a great start in life! Our own puppies are put on a Crannog socialization and development program from the very time they are born. This program is overseen by breeding coordinator and Crannog's own Canine Behavior Expert - Alison Chenoweth.


This program is created and adapted for each individual puppy in the litter as he or she grows, targeting the crucial development moments in a young puppy's life prior to leaving the kennel. From birth to when our puppies leave the kennel, they are exposed to human touch, noises, lots of different toys, other animals and dogs, crate training, car rides and veterinarian visits plus lots more. All the puppies are fully vaccinated prior to going to new homes at 10 weeks old. Training and nurturing young puppies is coordinated by Melania and Lianne.


We believe that great line breeding and our Crannog Puppy Program bring out the best in temperament in our dogs. In 2022 we already have two puppies from Litter 'A' 2021 who are going to be trained up as SAR canines.


For more information on group and individual lessons please contact Melania


Melania pictured with puppy Xentoif Vom Crannog (2022) at a Title training session @ Robert Milner Duckhill Kennels