Our litters are the product of Artificial Insemination (TCI). We carefully plan and research each future litter months in advance. Our puppies are the offspring of some of the world's top West German Showline dogs. All sires must be titled VA, V and Kkl. Our select females come from V and VA rated parents, up to and including the 3/4 generations. 



Our line-breeding aims to bring out the very best characteristics both physically and temperament-wise in each puppy. The majority of our breeding is done by Artificial Insemination (A.I). In order to make it onto our breeding program, our females have to meet a rigorous health criteria.


  • Full pre-pregnancy health/wellness-examination by our specialist reproductive veterinarian prior to every breeding.

  • Check-ups throughout the year by our own regular veterinarian.

  • Hormonally-timed insemination protocol tests performed by our reproductive veterinarian.

  • If a natural breeding is planned our females will also be tested for brucellosis and any other tests required by the stud kennel.

  • All vaccinations must be up-to-date and any parasites present treated.

  • Breeding Females/Males must be microchipped.

  • Hips and Elbows X-rayed and evaluated by a licensed veterinarian and/or have OFA Prelims completed, if below 24 months at time of breeding. We like all our females to be 2 years or thereabouts at time of breeding.

  • If we import/purchase or are breeding one of our kennel brood females and she is over 24 months at time of first breeding, we prefer OFA HD/ED certification to be completed and any other additional helpful OFA testing pertaining to the breed.

  • We do not breed our females on consecutive cycles.


* Please Note: The preferred method of A.I. at Crannog WK9 is TCI procedure.  During this procedure our reproductive veterinarian sedates the female and 'examines' the female one last time. This is achieved with an endoscope just prior to insemination. This ensures that there is nothing abnormal - this also includes an examination of the birth canal, cervix, hips and entire reproductive area etc. If at any point this does not meet the standard the veterinarian is satisfied with, the insemination does not take place.

* We aim to minimize the risks of hip dysplasia and other disorders by being responsible breeders. However, nothing is ever 100%. Therefore all our puppies come with a health guarantee from when the puppy leaves us until it is 23 months old.



Before they make their big journey to their new family, usually at 12-14 weeks old, all Crannog puppies have a veterinarian health check, relevant vaccines for age, dewormed, microchipped (additional fee for microchip),  health guarantee, contract signed and AKC registration:


Our own Litter Co-Ordinator Melania, is a Member of International Society of Animal Professionals and has the following qualifications:


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